Move the Egg (iOS/Android game)


Birdie the Bob is broken-hearted.
The gang of villains – brazen Eagle, despicable Rat, insidious Snake, bloodthirsty Wasp and nasty Spider robbed its nest.
Help Bob to return eggs back to the nest and punish the villains!

Little birdie is not good with coordination, it can fly upward only. To get the eggs Bob should catch favorable wind, use the features of a landscape and go to other tricks.

Terrible dangers and obstacles waylaid birdie far and wide, only logic and quick reflexes are to cope.
Fortunately, Bob will confront to enemies by not bare wings. Apples and nuts, cannonballs and bombs, jet-packs and airplanes are all in the Bob’s arsenal.
Epic battle for the eggs spreads not only on the ground, in the air, but even in open space.
Join Bob and let’s the justice prevail!

Unique gameplay, gorgeous 3D graphics, nice sound and very simple controls – will impress even the most experienced player.

Tap – to fly up
Double Tap – to throw the object




Cyber War (iOS/Android game)

Cyber War is unique fast-paced strategy action game with intuitive controls, and a terrific sound.
You have to command the army of thousand rageful bugs, and try to eat your opponent.
Use multi-touch for fine-grained control over your army formation.

There’s nothing like the joy of trapping an enemy and watching your cannibalistic swarm eats away at them like a ravaging virus!
Inspired by the Liquid War game.

Scr-800-1 Scr-800-2
Scr-800-3 Scr-800-4

Spotter 3D – Kids Army (iOS/Android game)

Welcome to 3D world of the “Spot the Difference” game!
Your mission is to find the differences between two amazing military scenes.
Six differences are hidden carefully – so you should explore everything to find them all!
Magic binocular may help you in a difficult moment.



  • Drag to rotate the scene
  • Tap to spot the difference


  • Easy and intuitive navigation
  • Amazing cartoon scenes created by the professional 3D illustrator
  • Magic binocular to find the hidden difference
  • Military rank assigned upon completion of each stage
  • Nice background music and sound effects
  • Landscape and Portrait (iPhone preferred) orientations


Magic Ball 3D (Free Android game)

Greet the best “Magic 8 Ball” ever! Now in 3D!
Just ask your question, shake/drag the device and Magic Ball will come up with right decision for you.

Make it private, don’t let other people touch it! 🙂

Build Strategy 3D (iOS/Android game)

Help Russian proletariat to defeat the capitalist system in this building frenzy.
Russian music & symbols of that age add a special fun to the gameplay.
To win you should simply produce more buildings than your opponent.
But it is not as simple – you will see soon!



  • Pick up a hammer color and hit to the main building
  • Color wave will spread and demolish all neighbor cottages with the selected color
  • New buildings will grow up on the top of the destroyed cottages

Opponents: Human, Computer easy, Computer hard
Battle fields: Small, Medium, Large