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Move the Egg (iOS/Android game)


Birdie the Bob is broken-hearted.
The gang of villains – brazen Eagle, despicable Rat, insidious Snake, bloodthirsty Wasp and nasty Spider robbed its nest.
Help Bob to return eggs back to the nest and punish the villains!

Little birdie is not good with coordination, it can fly upward only. To get the eggs Bob should catch favorable wind, use the features of a landscape and go to other tricks.

Terrible dangers and obstacles waylaid birdie far and wide, only logic and quick reflexes are to cope.
Fortunately, Bob will confront to enemies by not bare wings. Apples and nuts, cannonballs and bombs, jet-packs and airplanes are all in the Bob’s arsenal.
Epic battle for the eggs spreads not only on the ground, in the air, but even in open space.
Join Bob and let’s the justice prevail!

Unique gameplay, gorgeous 3D graphics, nice sound and very simple controls – will impress even the most experienced player.

Tap – to fly up
Double Tap – to throw the object